About me

As a mother of 2 boys under the age of three, I find it fascinating to see how they get to know the real and then the digital world. Their little spirits are like sponges. I was very careful what they learned about the technology and how they learned from it. My youngest ones play creative games on my mobile phone via the touch screen. Usually they draw things or kaleidoscope games. My older is more into the educational games where he touches the colors or numbers, but to get the most out of the games, he really needs me to support his learning. It’s great to see them grow and learn so fast.

As a girl geek before having children, I felt that access to computers and technology was essential for learning and competitiveness in today’s working world. However, I always thought that for an older age group of about 7 years and older, it was most important to use the technology and understand how it works. I begin to understand that at the age of two to three, curiosity about mechanics, chemistry, technical construction and virtual spaces is already rising. It has opened my eyes to what possibilities there could be for this youngest generation in the future.
In my spare time I play on my Lenovo laptop and read about technology, gadgets and tips for geeks. I started doing it so I’d remember things. Especially things I find really cool or really useful… 🙂

Actually I travel a lot for professional reasons, especially South America, Germany, and of course back to UK. On my free hours, I try to spread the word for Girl Geek Dinners all over the planet.