Kim Russel at Girl Geek Dinner

Kim Russel is an author and consultant for social media and job search. She started the event series in 2015 at a Girl Geek Dinner. She is a cheerful person, laughs a lot, but still speaks seriously about the important things. That’s why everyone is relaxed, and that’s the theme of today’s Girl Geek Dinner:

The main strategies discussed are, for example, how to deal with stress and rejection during the job search. Yoga is supposed to be very helpful there, says Kim. Eliminate the negative feelings and focus on the positive. Keep your breath flowing.


Yoga @ Girl Geek Dinner


Kim recommends “Trello” to optimize the pursuit of his own work goals and tasks. It is always a sense of achievement when she can tick a point on her todo list in Trello.

But even if it may sound banal, the group deals with topics that address fundamental things: own organization, the prioritization of important things, the pursuit of personal success, which according to Kimj ultimately represents the individual figurehead. How to convince others of yourself when you don’t even know what you have already achieved?

The round table will be followed by networking. Equipped with drinks of all kinds, contacts are made and friendships are cultivated. New visitors have the chance to talk to the women who caught their attention during the individual performances through their interesting careers and activities. We were already whispering excitedly. Others we had not yet heard come directly to us. It’s casual, it’s simple, it’s great.

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