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Kim Russel at Girl Geek Dinner

Kim Russel is an author and consultant for social media and job search. She started the event series in 2015 at a Girl Geek Dinner. She is a cheerful person, laughs a lot, but still speaks seriously about the important things. That’s why everyone is relaxed, and that’s the theme of today’s Girl Geek Dinner:

The main strategies discussed are, for example, how to deal with stress and rejection during the job search. Yoga is supposed to be very helpful there, says Kim. Eliminate the negative feelings and focus on the positive. Keep your breath flowing.


Yoga @ Girl Geek Dinner


Kim recommends “Trello” to optimize the pursuit of his own work goals and tasks. It is always a sense of achievement when she can tick a point on her todo list in Trello.

But even if it may sound banal, the group deals with topics that address fundamental things: own organization, the prioritization of important things, the pursuit of personal success, which according to Kimj ultimately represents the individual figurehead. How to convince others of yourself when you don’t even know what you have already achieved?

The round table will be followed by networking. Equipped with drinks of all kinds, contacts are made and friendships are cultivated. New visitors have the chance to talk to the women who caught their attention during the individual performances through their interesting careers and activities. We were already whispering excitedly. Others we had not yet heard come directly to us. It’s casual, it’s simple, it’s great.

Is it only men who create content on the net? Jeniffer Simon interviewed…

According to relevant rankings, it is mainly men who create content on the net.

Blogging women may not believe this, because after all, women like themselves also blog and tweet about politics, fashion or technology.


Girl Geek Blogging


Jeniffer Simon from Germany can only smile at the prejudice that women on the Internet have failed because of technology. The blogger was already on the Internet with a laptop as a teenager. She was helped in this by the financial and technical support of other girl geeks and a joint search for discounts for laptops, price comparisons and vouchers, which ultimately led to a Lenovo coupon on Black Friday, with which a favorable price could be achieved. She says: “Live isn’t easy, so you need to use all your opportunities. But without technical skills, you can’t.

Since 2017, as a media consultant, she has also been helping other women to understand and use the Internet. She herself blogs about everything that interests her – social media, fashion, the royal family, etc. She has also taken part in many girl geek dinners: regular bloggerinnings to which men are also invited – but only if a woman brings her along. Jeniffer sees technical knowledge as a prerequisite for moving on the Internet. The fact that many women were not interested in it was a big problem. I experience again and again that women are technically behind, she says. But being able to use a computer efficiently or use blogs and social networks is already a basic knowledge these days. She says of herself: “I simply rushed in without an exact idea of how blogging would develop. It worked, and so can other women.” With her commitment she would also like to encourage other women, especially those from low-income families, to take an interest in technology and the Internet and to take advantage of the many opportunities this creates.


How do you experience other women in terms of technology? I’m looking forward for your comment!


What is the procedure of a Girl Geek Dinner?

Only a few women work in technical professions. Companies are well advised to make better use of the competence of well-trained women. That’s why we want to help Women to connect to each other and learn more about tech & IT.

If you would like to attend to our Girl Geek Dinner and it’s not mentioned, that the event is without reservation, please contact me here or send me a mail, so I can list you. If you can’t come, please leave me a note, thanks.

Some notes as I received questions on this:

This is not a dinner event per se, we will have something to drink, like water, soda and beer, but you will NOT have a dinner there – please have something to eat before or after this, there are many little restaurants around this space.

Topic of the evening:

Usually a Girl Geek Dinner has a special guest to present shortly something about her or his work, but most importantly it’s a great networking oportunity and present some of the attending females and males in a special light.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.