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What is the procedure of a Girl Geek Dinner?

Only a few women work in technical professions. Companies are well advised to make better use of the competence of well-trained women. That’s why we want to help Women to connect to each other and learn more about tech & IT.

If you would like to attend to our Girl Geek Dinner and it’s not mentioned, that the event is without reservation, please contact me here or send me a mail, so I can list you. If you can’t come, please leave me a note, thanks.

Some notes as I received questions on this:

This is not a dinner event per se, we will have something to drink, like water, soda and beer, but you will NOT have a dinner there – please have something to eat before or after this, there are many little restaurants around this space.

Topic of the evening:

Usually a Girl Geek Dinner has a special guest to present shortly something about her or his work, but most importantly it’s a great networking oportunity and present some of the attending females and males in a special light.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.