Is it only men who create content on the net? Jeniffer Simon interviewed…

According to relevant rankings, it is mainly men who create content on the net.

Blogging women may not believe this, because after all, women like themselves also blog and tweet about politics, fashion or technology.


Girl Geek Blogging


Jeniffer Simon from Germany can only smile at the prejudice that women on the Internet have failed because of technology. The blogger was already on the Internet with a laptop as a teenager. She was helped in this by the financial and technical support of other girl geeks and a joint search for discounts for laptops, price comparisons and vouchers, which ultimately led to a Lenovo coupon on Black Friday, with which a favorable price could be achieved. She says: “Live isn’t easy, so you need to use all your opportunities. But without technical skills, you can’t.

Since 2017, as a media consultant, she has also been helping other women to understand and use the Internet. She herself blogs about everything that interests her – social media, fashion, the royal family, etc. She has also taken part in many girl geek dinners: regular bloggerinnings to which men are also invited – but only if a woman brings her along. Jeniffer sees technical knowledge as a prerequisite for moving on the Internet. The fact that many women were not interested in it was a big problem. I experience again and again that women are technically behind, she says. But being able to use a computer efficiently or use blogs and social networks is already a basic knowledge these days. She says of herself: “I simply rushed in without an exact idea of how blogging would develop. It worked, and so can other women.” With her commitment she would also like to encourage other women, especially those from low-income families, to take an interest in technology and the Internet and to take advantage of the many opportunities this creates.


How do you experience other women in terms of technology? I’m looking forward for your comment!


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